Locking Assemblies for Bending Loads


5개 결과 출력

  • RfN 7012 Bending Loads

    Slim, Universally Applicable Version for Maximum Bending Loads

    Inner Diameter d: 50-1,000 mm
    Torque T: 1,777-1.9 Mio. Nm
    Mbmax: 377,570 Nm

  • RfN 7012.2 Bending Loads

    Same Dimensions as RfN 7012, Specially Optimized for Extreme Loads in Belt Drums

    Inner Diameter d: 130-800 mm
    Torque T: 10,409-1.4 Mio. Nm
    Mbmax: 392,150 Nm

  • RfN 7015.0 Bending Loads

    Combined Transmission of Highest Torques, Axial Forces and Bending Loads
    Inner Diameter d: 100-800 mm
    Torque T: 11,297-2.2 Mio. Nm
    Mbmax: 777,900 Nm

  • RfN 7015.1 Bending Loads

    Version Similar To RfN 7015.0, Reduced Surface Pressure for e.g. Thin-Walled Hubs
    Inner Diameter d: 100-800 mm
    Torque T: 6,575-1.1 Mio. Nm
    Mbmax: 822,500 Nm

  • RfN 7515 Bending Loads

    Highest Torques, Axial and Radial Forces Due to Extended, Flat Cones
    Inner Diameter d: 60-640 mm
    Torque T: 4,299-1.3 Mio. Nm
    Mbmax: 631,658 Nm